The continuing saga of Michaela, complete with photos.

May 8 - 10, 2003

More of Michaela in Argentina.

I don't want to be held.
I don't want to be held.
(Ventisquero Negro/Black Glacier)
Don't I look cute?Do I look comfortable?
Take the picture now. I can't look any cuter.
(Ventisquero Negro/Black Glacier)
Get this hat and the gloves off.
(On the Nahuel Huapi)
I get a great view from up here.I sleep whenever and wherever.
I get a great view from up here.
(on Lago Frias)
I sleep whenever and wherever.
(on the table at a confiteria near Lago Frias)
I'm starting a bottle collection.Stop squeezing me so hard.
I'm starting a bottle collection.
(At the hotel in Bariloche)
Dad, you can let up on the death grip anytime.
(on the chairlift up Cerro Campanario)

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